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  • What is your process on the day?
    We start setting up our equipment 20-30 minutes before you wish us to begin performing. This allows us to be ready for once your guests arrive and for us to meet and greet your other vendors to ensure smooth transitions, timing and other fine details. We perform through to when you have let us know when to finish for the day.
  • What deposit do you require?
    So if you decide to book us, upon signing a contract you would pay £100.00 non refundable deposit.
  • Can you play outdoors?
    Yes we are more than happy to play outside. Dry, sheltered conditions are essential as our instruments can be easily damaged. Please let us know your ‘Plan B’ weather plan. Please note we are unable to perform directly on sand. We appreciate your understanding and assistance For outside events: - On a fine, sunny day: tree shade, dry conditions - Wet and damp weather: solid shelter, dry conditions or alternative indoor location.
  • What are your requirements on the day?
    We will require four (4) armless chairs and light refreshments would be greatly appreciated. We ask the indoor or outdoor space to allow us 3 - 2 metres for comfort, best stage presence and safety. Note of a contact person on the day of your event (if not yourself); ie. MC, host, coordinator, etc. (on booking form document) If we are booked for more than 3 hours, some food being supplied would be amazing - please discuss this circumstance with us. We are completely acoustic and do not require amplification unless you wish, or if we deem it necessary. Charges are applicable for amplification – please discuss this option with us.
  • What will you wear?
    We usually wear full professional blacks, however we can dress smart to fit in to your aesthetic (coloured clothing) Charges may apply for sourcing specific accessories for the wedding or event ie. 1920s, blue accessories) We are happy to liase with you regarding dress - nothing is ever set in stone!
  • Where should we position you? Are you able to move locations?
    We recommend us being as close to the action as possible. The best positioning is near the arbour or altar, on the opposite side to the signing table. Otherwise, towards the back of the guests’ seating area is also suitable. Essentially, it’s best if we are within a few metres of your guests so everyone can hear us, without being overbearing and too close. Weather-wise, we require tree shade on a fine day. In poor weather, we must be under a hard shelter for protection from rain or indoors. We appreciate your understanding as our instruments are extremely fragile. We strongly recommend a ‘Plan B’ wet weather option. We are happy to move our position for different parts of your day. Moving our set-up location generally takes five minutes.
  • Do you take many breaks?
    Typically every 2 hours of playing we require to take a 20 minute break as a minimum so we suggest taking a short 10-15 minute break after every 60-90 minutes of playing (included in payment). At weddings we usually take our break usually when guests are away having photographs taken or a suitable point with any remaining time. For bookings over 3 hours we usually work in 45 - 60 minute sets. A meal if we are reserved for three hours or more - please discuss this circumstance with us. We are happy to coordinate around your itineary and can liaise with your venue staff on the day to cover our break with some background music if that's possible.
  • Do you play hymns?
    Yes. We have a collection of popular hymns but can play from any hymn or organ sheet. We are also very happy to play less well-known hymns. You can decide whether to use an organist or us to accompany your hymns. It’s common for the quartet to play for the bridal entrance and signing of the register, and then have the organist playing for your exit. If you require a specific hymn for your ceremony that is not on our list, we will do this free of charge (as long as we are given enough notice)
  • We have our ceremony and reception in different locations; how does this work for charging?
    We are more than happy to travel to two locations. The charge is in one unbroken line from the time you wish us to start performing for the day, to the time you wish us to finish for the day. All travel time is charged as if we are performing, as we would not be able to accept another reservation.
  • What do you do if one of your members is ill on the day?
    Thankfully this very rarely happens. However for your reassurance, we have a pool of deputy players who are able to stand in if required for illness, family circumstances, accidents etc. Our deputies all have professional performing backgrounds, and are all very talented musicians - ensuring the absence of any one of our players will not affect the standard of performance for your day.
  • Can you arrange a piece of music for my wedding?
    Yes! We have an extensive repertoire list and happy to create a custom arrangements! We just ask to let us know as soon as possible if you require a song or piece to be performed so we can see if its possible to arrange (excluding 1 free arrangement with all bookings and any hymn requests), anymore than this we charge per piece to create. For fully customised playlists we charge an addition fee to organise. Late requests may not be possible to organise in time. Payment for your special request is due with your balance payment. If you would like a special piece of music performed, please understand that there are some songs that are not appropriate for what a string quartet/acoustic ensemble is designed for, due to musical style factors. eg. metal, rap and some folk songs. We will let you know if this is the case before confirming any charges with you.
  • Do you hold Public Liability Insurance?
    Yes we do! We are all covered so you have nothing to worry about!
  • What do you do with my data? (Data Protection & Privacy Statement)
    The General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) specify that we must advise you of our policy on any data that we hold relating to you. The data you have sent us via the webisite, emails and booking form is shared between Lauren Hamilton (group manager) and any person involved with organising or performing the services you have requested so that they can carry out their work as required for your booking. To be clear, we do not share, sell or market any of your data with any 3rd parties whatsoever. Nobody! All data supplied to us by you is kept securely in our email facility and electronically filed as a booking form. Both our email facility and files are password protected, as is our computer. Part of the GDPR is your right to view the data an organisation holds in relation to you. Upon your request to view your data, when approved, you will be sent an email with the all the data that we hold on you.
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