Want some inspiration for your song choices? Or maybe you know exactly what you want for your ceremony, but you just know for drinks reception you want 'upbeat bangers' or 'romantic songs' and want us to choose them? We got you covered! 


While you have the option of choosing your own choices, we know how difficult it can be to choose your songs, and maybe you want to leave that to us.

We have put together some tips and this list below that you can search by Pre-Ceremony, Entrance, Signing the Register, Exit, and Drinks Reception to give you some inspiration!

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3 cups


Tip #2

We suggest 1 slow-moderate-paced piece of music for the walk down the aisle, 2 pieces for signing the register, and 1 up-beat piece for the grand exit

Tip #4

For entertainment music, there is a vast array of music genres that can be played and suitable to listen to.  A lot of guests really tune in to the music at this point, so it's important that they have some good music to listen to which suits everyone's taste.


Tip #1

Pre-ceremony music sets the mood for your ceremony and music here express love, light and a sense of calm is perfect to ease everyone present into what will be a very big moment in your lives together. 

2 tbsp.


1½ cups


Tip #3

Pick songs that mean something to you both and have a think about how you feel (and want your wedding to feel) it's a great place to start

FOUR Tips to Choosing Wedding Music